lots of different and vibrantly colored washi tape
Washi Tape
Washi Tape

Washi Tape

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The latest and greatest washi tape from Japan! Use it for daily crafts, bullet journals, gifts, snail mail, scrapbooking and more. 

Pairs excellently with the new karu cut washi tape cutters.

See them in use here, at 1:48.

Washi tape is a Japanese masking tape that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Washi paper is a type of Japanese paper that was historically handmade using mulberry, bamboo, or rice. Since washi tape is made of paper, it has a matte texture that is pleasant to the touch. Washi tape has a slight translucence, and white washi tape will blend in with light-colored paper. Some specialty washi tapes have a finish applied to the surface to make them metallic or pearlescent, and these tapes tend to be more opaque.

The adhesive is formulated to be repositionable, so the tape is easy to stick on, unpeel, and move to a different spot. Because of this property and the assortment of beautiful designs, washi tape is popular for crafting and decorating.

Plain picture frames instantly brighten up when you add colorful washi tape. Choose patterns that match the mood of your photos. You can also display pictures on your refrigerator or other magnetic surfaces by fixing washi tape to strip magnets, which we achieved by cutting up magnetic roll tape. It gives a fun, scrapbook look to any space.


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