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Small Object Single Rubber Stamp

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Happy Glue Rubber Stamp- We all have fond memories of school glue, and now we can relive them with this cute little stamp! Snapshot Camera stamp- Whether you've digital or analog, there's no denying this ones a cutie. Say Cheese! Each rubber stamp is made from high quality red rubber that is molded out of house. Each stamp is then individually hand cut and foam mounted on individual wooden blocks. Sweet Tooth-An adorable tooth with two front teeth and one happy grin. Now that is my kind of molar. Handmade Stamp - You are a sewing, felting, paper cutting, printing machine and man can you make some crazy cool stuff. Show them you made it yourself with this Handmade label stamp. The Computer Chum Rubber Stamp-You sly little devil! Tell us what you know kid. This computer can explain all the unexpected crashes, the lost files and the non-working hardware but his lips are sealed kid on the issue. Show him a little love and maybe it'll change his tune. Homemade Stamp- Your home is an action hero and out of it comes sweet treats and savory bites; beer you brewed and jars of pickled wonders. For those items and so much more, stamp it with a Homemade stamp and all your efforts and love will be blazed on the package. Hand assembled Designed and made by The Small Object. For ink pads click here

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