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Mail More Love Rubber Stamps

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These rubber stamps are part of an ongoing collaboration collection with Rhea of @mailmorelove:


/30 Rubber Stamp:

This rubber stamp is all the inspiration you will need to begin your 30 days of letters challenge. Each day send a letter or postcard and stamp each one with your /30 stamp. It takes 21 days to form a habit and this one will make your loved ones thrilled and feel your mailbox with lots of return correspondence. 

/30 rubber stamp mounted to maple wood, engraved with the stamp image on top.


Letters Mingle Souls Rubber Stamp:

The famous quote from John Donne:

 “Sir, more than kisses,
letters mingle souls;
For, thus friends absent speak.”

about the magic of letter writing in the gorgeous hand of master calligrapher Nicolette Selman, created exclusively for Mail More Love.

Letters mingle souls rubber stamp mounted to maple wood, engraved with the stamp image on top.


The Gratitude Letters -

Custom designed by Samantha Dion Baker for Rhea Abramson’s #thegratitudeletters practice. Begin your own gratitude practice by sending letters of thanks for acts small and large to the people who touch you. Adorn your envelopes, stationery, and journals with this stamp and inspire the world to be thankful for everything! 


You've got mail Eagle stamp-

Designed in England by Pez and Pencil exclusively for Mail More Love.  This design was chosen by Rhea to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Letter Writers Alliance in 2017.  It is postal perfection for all your outgoing mail.


Mail more love postage stamp:

The Mail More Love rubber stamp was designed exclusively for Mail More Love in Paris by illustrator Joanna Behar.  Show all your mail recipients that your love for them is FOREVER! It is the perfect stamp to adorn all your envelopes.  Measures 1.5 inches by 1.25 inches.  


Dear Pen Pal - this stamp was designed to honor the deep and special relationship between pen pals, dear in every way. 

Letter Number - Created to track your outgoing mail and for your recipient to take part in your snail mail achievement! A mini stamp!

Put a stamp on it designed as a tribute to Rhea’s vintage stamp dealer, Patrick Dea. Put a stamp on the love you are sending. 

From me to you-designed to commemorate the gift of a letter because a piece of mail is a gift from me to you.


Signed, The postmistress of course


This listing is for individual stamps, no other supplies shown are included. 

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