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Custom Font Address Stamp

  • 4500

Personalize your outgoing mail and holiday cards with this custom return address stamp. The perfect gift for newlyweds, a housewarming, or yourself! Choose from four distinct designs:

#1 Round- bold

#2 Wave- modern

#3 Block- distinguished

#4 Box- clean

#5 Rectangle- visually striking use of negative space.

You can use any color of ink pad with this stamp.

A proof can be purchased for $25. If you decide to move forward, the price will be applied to the total price of the stamp. If a custom stamp proof has been made, but you no longer wish to continue with the order, a $25 fee will be deducted before an order refund is processed.

Custom stamps and other custom orders are nonrefundable once the stamp has been made.

This here is an original! Designed and made by Paper Pastries in California.

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