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A 0.5 mm ballpoint pen, perfect for on the go with your Traveler's Notebook.

This is a ballpoint pen integrated with a brass holder made at a press factory in downtown Tokyo. 
When not in use, it can be capped and carried compactly. 
The top has a ring to which hooks and cords can be attached. Please attach it to a bag etc like a key holder, customize it with beads etc.

Please clip the clip roughly across the leather cover, remove it from the clip, throw it into your pocket, always use it as a buddy of your traveling journey. 
Solid brass shines gold at the beginning of use, but as it continues to use, the surface oxidizes and changes to a deeply tasteful color tone. Refill is also available so please use it for a long time and enjoy the change. 

Brass, with use a patina will appear. Can be cleaned or kept for character.

Made in Japan


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