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Custom business card stamp

  • 5500

Add a personal, handmade touch to your business. Customize this stamp with all of your info, then go to town! Forget having to wait for long turnaround times from printers, and not being happy with the end result. Having your business info on a rubber stamp is great in a pinch and you can stamp it on your packages, envelopes, scrap paper and thank you notes. Choose from five different styles- DANISH: contemporary, unadorned (zie darling sample) QWERTY: definitive, stately (craft bureau sample) CAKE: sweet, bold (shanti sample) VESPA: mod, clean (pam garrison sample) SALT: tailored, crisp (megan barone sample) You can use any color of ink pad with this stamp. This here is an original! Designed and made by Paper Pastries in California.

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