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Small Object Stamp Sets

  • 2000

Gift Giving Rubber Stamp Set The only stamps you need when you packaging up your presents for your peeps. Stamp them on gift tags, envelope or on the gift wrap itself for some pretty perfect packages. The Peg People Rubber Stamp Set Well, hello dolly! Here is the lad, the lady and the mister big stuff who are one big happy family. Mail Correspondence Rubber Stamp Set For all you folks who are solely responsible for keeping the postal service in business or for those known by their first name at your local branch, this is for you! A fill-in-the-blank envelope and banner plus a pigeon wearing a parcel. In the banner, write their name, fragile or "Oh Joy!" as their package is a sure delight! The Nesting Dolls Rubber Stamp Set Hand assembled, 4-pack set The Recipe Writing Rubber Stamp Set Hand assembled, 4-pack set Pass on your recipes in style using these illustrated measurements. Use the numerals to circle the number of cups, tablespoons or teaspoons your recipe needs and you're recipe card is an instant hit and pretty picture to boot. Details: Each rubber stamp is made from high quality red rubber that is molded out of house. Each stamp is then individually hand cut and foam mounted on individual wooden blocks. Each stamp is mounted onto a 1" natural wooden cube--a wonderful size for fingers of all sizes.

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