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BLACK FIG + CYPRESS: Notes of Mulberry, Teakwood, Evergreen. Limited-edition hand-poured 100% soy wax candles. The amount of cypress and black fig on top of the candle varies but the scent is the same. We use premium fragrance, essential oils, and herbs in our candle collection. We make the candles in small batches and are constantly creating new scents - each scent will feature different herbs and flowers embedded in the candle. Small tins hold about 3.5 oz of wax and burn for approximately 8-15 hours.

Made with wooden wicks which give a clean, non-toxic burn without paraffin coating or metals as cotton wicks sometimes contain. They are self-trimming and have a little crackle when it burns!

Plus, reuse your container when you're finished by scraping out the wax and try planting a succulent!


  • Dimensions:
    Small tins hold about 3.5 oz of wax
    Width 2.4" x Length 2.4" x Height 1.8"  (6.2 x 6.2 x 4.5 cm) 
  • Weight: 0.3 lb (100 g)
  • Burn time: approximately 8-15 hours. (See tips below on extending burn time)
  • Handmade in Los Angeles by No Tox Botanicals
      Safety Warning: Fire hazard! 🔥
      NEVER burn candles unattended, keep away from flammable materials, keep away from children and pets. Caution, the metal container is hot when the candle is burning. Do not touch or move candle while it's burning. For heat safety, place candles on a sturdy, fireproof surface such as a marble slab, stone slab, ceramic coaster, etc.

      Do not extinguish candles with the lid, the lid will melt.

      Do not continue burning once wooden wick burns to the bottom of the safety wick tab. 1/2 inch - 1/4 inch of wax will remain in the bottom of the candle - this is normal. Continuing to try to burn past this point could be a fire hazard.

      Candle Care Instructions

      Wooden wick candles are awesome! Each wooden wick will crackle like a tiny fireplace when burning, which is a unique and relaxing experience. Proper candle burning and safety is important to make sure you and your home are safe!

      We are not responsible for incorrectly burned candles and lack of safety precautions taken when burning.

      Simple instructions are given on the label of each candle, but here is the full list of tips and tricks to get the most out of your beautiful candle:

      • Burn on a heat-resistant, flat surface. Keep away from drafts, children, pets, fabric or anything flammable. Always burn within sight. 
      • The first time you light the candle, allow the melted wax pool to reach the edge of the container. For small candles, it may only take an hour. For large candles, it can take 2+ hours.
      • Wooden wicks light slower than cotton wicks. It is comparable to lighting a fireplace. Hold your lighter (we use a barbecue lighter) close to the wick for 20 or more seconds to fully light the wick.
      • Never leave your burning candle unattended.
      • Burn for 4 hours maximum. Continuing to burn the candle beyond 4 hours is a safety hazard and will reduce your candle life.
      • Do not touch the metal tin while the candle is burning, or while it's still warm.
      • Wooden wicks are generally self-trimming, but if the excess burnt wood is longer than 1/4", break off the extra burnt wood before you light it.
      • If you have burned the candle a while and the flame is very low, you may need to remove the extra burnt wood at the top of the wick.
      • Burn candles in a well-ventilated non-drafty room. A draft might blow out the candle prematurely or keep it from staying lit.
      • When you're done burning, blow out your candle, don't extinguish with the lid or with water.
      • Once the candle has reached about 1/2" of wax remaining, stop burning it. Continuing to burn past this point is a fire hazard. 
      • Soy wax candles burn slower and are more temperature sensitive than paraffin candles. Your burn rate and candle characteristics might be different depending on the temperature of the room you burn it in.

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