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New! Social Stationery Set Sweet Treats and Desserts

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This is the most darling stationery set!

Just the right size for that quick note you've been meaning to send for ages.

Dearest Harper,
I walked past Zabar's today and thought of you. Please find included in this parcel one perfectly baked chocolate babka. How is Dubai? 
Kindly, Clem



These are some of the most popular favorite desserts and definitely among the cutest!

Set of 12 unique dessert greeting cards (one of each design). 

A2 size, includes matching envelopes and 12 sticker seals. Packaged in a lovely box. 

One of each of the following cards: 
Watermelon Popsicles
Forty-Seven Macarons
Chocolate Malted Milkshakes
Trois Petite Duchesses (Eclairs)
Red Velvet Cake
Old School Banana Split
Gelato Alla Fragola
New York City Black & White Cookies
Pecan or Apple Pie?
Christmas Plum Pudding

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