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Little Prints and Print Workshop Craft Books

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"Print Workshop: Hand-Printing Techniques + Truly Original Projects" is jam packed with practical info and fun projects so you can play with printmaking at home. Custom stamp carving, stenciling, cyanotype printing, screen printing and image transfer techniques are used to create handmade gems chocked full o' Yellow Owl goodness! A perfect gift for the novice and experienced printer alike! YELLOW OWL'S LITTLE PRINTS A new book from Yellow Owl Workshop's Creator, Christine! This new book teaches readers a wide variety of techniques—stenciling, printing, image transfer, and stamping—to create personalized toys, decorations, wall art, accessories, and keepsakes that kids will love and parents will cherish. As a new mom herself, Christine felt it was essential to offer projects that don’t require a lot of equipment or time to achieve, but still feel special. Readers will learn to carve a personalized stamp that can be used on stationery, baby blankets, tote bags or bed linens; paint a rug to perfectly match a child’s bedroom décor; make a keepsake box that will become a family heirloom and more. The book also features original, exclusive templates using Christine’s artistic, iconic designs, and the same motifs can be used—for both adults and children!—for party invitations, gift wrap, as a stencil for a blanket or an iron-on t-shirt decal—the possibilities are almost endless! Makes a perfect gift for parents, moms-to-be, and anyone crafty who would like to make a special present for a niece, nephew, sibling or favorite young friend.

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